Negotiations by a 3 yo

Sempi and I are sitting at the dining table eating dinner. Sempi is munching on homemade fried rice chips (vadaam) made by his Paati (grandma). He has a plate full of it and I'm trying to get him to share some of it with me. 

Me: Sempi, this plate of vadaam is for the both of us. 

Sempi: *pulls the plate towards him, suspiciously*

Me: How about I take just a few of them and you can have the rest. 

Sempi: Ok, but how about you can have (long pause) .... none of them?

Sempi: Appa, you don't have to eat right now.

He proceeded to eat all of it while I watched him.

This is not the first time he's used this line of reasoning.

Vianvilari Takeru Ramanujam

I'm happy to announce we welcomed our new addition to the family on May 2nd 2016. Our second son, Vianvilari Takeru Ramanujam.

When the baby came out I was grinning like an idiot for a whole 5 minutes before I realized it. I was ecstatic and filled with joy, even though the baby was crying. More than once I caught myself staring at the baby while he was sleeping. 

Oh and then there is this: 

I don't remember why it was so hard to raise a newborn last time. I'm sure it was all just my imagination. ;)

Defeated by a Dandelion

We started a new routine for dropping off Sempi at his pre-school. We walk to the school and on the way we find flowers to pick. This morning we found a dried dandelion and Yoshi taught him how to blow the florets. She blew half of it and gave it to Sempi.

Sempi wasn't all too interested but he wanted me to blow the rest. His stipulation was I have to blow the rest with my nose and not with my mouth. 

So I rose to the challenge and took a deep breath and blew air through my nose as hard as I could. I forgot this is allergy season and I have a runny nose. 

The next few minutes were spent on wiping my mustache, lips and my shirt that were covered in snot.

Yoshi and Sempi thought it was the most hilarious thing they've seen. I took solace in the fact that no one else was around to witness the debacle. 

For anyone who is curious, the dandelion was totally unaffected by all of this. 

Conversations with a 3yo

Sempi and I are playing with a marble run game. I just built a pretty complex structure. I was quite proud of my creation. 

Me: Sempi, look at this run that I built. Is it pretty cool or is it pretty cool?

Sempi: Appa, pretty cool and pretty cool are the same thing. 

Tread carefully when fishing for compliments from a toddler.

Jurassic Park with a twist

This is a continuation of our previous story. Sempi and I are still at the Swap n Play. He's still playing with his cranes and trucks and I'm still playing with three dinosaurs. 

Sempi: Appa my crane is going to help build a fence around the dinosaurs. 

Me: Oh yeah?

Sempi: Yeah people can come and milk the dinosaurs. 

Me: Milk the dinosaurs? 

Sempi: Yeah, like milking a cow, they can milk a dinosaur and drink it. 

He's gonna be so disappointed when he finds out dinosaurs are not mammals.